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Completing the Reservation

Your reservation is awaiting confirmation. Once it has been confirmed by the end supplier, you will be prompted to pay. You may either visit the link and bookmark it, or copy the raw URL somewhere safe. The link will also be emailed to you soon.

Your reservation has been confirmed, and is awaiting payment. You will recieve an email with the link to the payment screen, but you may also go directly there now, using the link below.



We are processing your reservation.


If you need to contact us, the reference code below will help us to identify you faster.

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This is not a confirmation.

Your reservation has been confirmed

We are delighted to inform you that your booking has been confirmed with your rental firm. We have sent you an email with the full details, but if you have any queries please contact us quoting the reference number below.

Please keep a note of the reference number below in case our confirmation email goes astray.

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Your reservation is awaiting confirmation

We have contacted the car hire firm to request your vehicle. It can take up to two days to receive their confirmation that your car has been reserved, but as soon as we have heard from them we will be in touch.

Please keep a note of the reference number below in case our email goes astray.

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Our system encountered an error processing your reservation

We are sorry, but an error has occurred during the booking process. We are currently investigating this and will be in touch shortly to complete your booking.

Please keep a note of the reference number below in case our email goes astray.

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Your reservation has been abandoned

We have been advised by our payment processing partner that your payment was abandoned before it was completed.

If you still require car hire, please re-run your request using the booking engine above.

Your reservation was unsuccessful

We are sorry but the car hire firm you wished to hire your car through has been unable to fulfil your request.

We will refund any payment that has been taken.

Please feel free to use the booking engine above to run another search, choosing an alternative vehicle.

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{{}} (or similar model) Delivery

Clarify - The Revolutionary Way to Find Car Hire

  • Find out prices for all your extras before you book
  • Discover the total price for your rental package
  • Excess insurance costs clarified - make your choice before you get to the desk
  • Want to compare rates with your extras included? Click the back to results button above and add your extras in first

{{ }}
Doors {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.minimumDoors }}/{{ viewManager.previewVehicle.maximumDoors }} Seats {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.seats }} + {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.smallSeats}} seats
Bags {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.largeBags }} large, {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.smallBags }} small Seats {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.getAirConditioning() }}
Bags {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.getTransmission() }} Bags {{ viewManager.previewVehicle.getFuel() }}
{{ priceFormatter.displayCurrency(currentResult.getExcess(), currentResult.currencyCode) }} excess {{ priceFormatter.displayCurrency(currentResult.getDeposit(), currentResult.currencyCode) }} security deposit
{{ viewManager.previewVehicle.supplier }}
{{ }}

{{ }}-{{ }}-{{ }} {{ }}:{{ }}
{{ | lowercase }}
({{ translateType(viewManager.previewVehicle.pickupLocation.type) }})
{{ addressLine }}
{{ viewManager.previewVehicle.pickupLocation.postalCode }}
{{ }}-{{ }}-{{ }} {{ }}:{{ }}
{{ | lowercase }}
({{ translateType(viewManager.previewVehicle.dropoffLocation.type) }})
{{ addressLine }}
{{ viewManager.previewVehicle.dropoffLocation.postalCode }}

Price Breakdown

Headline Price {{ breakdownPrices().headlinePrice}}
Discount - {{ breakdownPrices().discount}}
Drive Away Price {{ breakdownPrices().driveAwayPrice}}
Pay Today {{ breakdownPrices().payToday}}
We only take a small deposit to reserve your car. Why should you be out of pocket until pick up day?
Pay on Arrival {{ breakdownPrices().payOnArrival}}
({{ breakdownPrices().payOnArrivalCur}})
Vehicle {{ breakdownPrices().vehicle}}
({{ breakdownPrices().vehicleCur}})
Excess Insurance {{ breakdownPrices().insurance}}
{{}} (x{{ extraEntry.numberSelected}}) {{ extraEntry.price}}
({{ extraEntry.priceCur}})
{{}} {{ surcharge.price}}
({{ surcharge.priceCur}})
The company will also charge you for a tankful of fuel at pickup. You will be refunded for fuel remaining in the tank at the end of your rental excluding the fuel service charge detailed above.
Discount - {{ breakdownPrices().discount}}

The total cost of the car hire and the figures in brackets have been estimated using todays exchange rate. On arrival, you will need to pay the car hire company using the local currency.

Optional Excess Insurance provided by

  • Excess Reimbursement in event of Damage, including tyres, windows, headlights, undercarriage & the roof up to £6500
  • Loss of Luggage & Personal Effects up to £300
  • Loss or Theft of Rental Car Keys up to £500
  • Misfueling and Towing costs up to £500

If you are arriving by plane and do not enter your flight number here, the car hire company may not keep your reservation if your flight is delayed.

Please note that you will be required to leave a deposit or pre-authorisation as stated when you collect you car even if you have bought your own excess insurance.

Delivery Details

Your reservation is on request

{{ result.packageName}}

  • {{ }}
{{ priceFormatter.displayPrice(result.costs.display.driveAwayPriceSelected, viewManager.selectionRequest.currencyCode)}}

{{ priceFormatter.displayCurrency(result.getExcess(), result.currencyCode)}} excess
{{ priceFormatter.displayCurrency(result.getDeposit(), result.currencyCode)}} security deposit

{{ priceFormatter.displayPrice(addCostExtra(extraEntry), viewManager.selectionRequest.currencyCode)}}
Why use this package?
{{ result.whyUseThisPackage}}

Special Offer
{{ }}
{{ extra.description }}
Special Offer
{{ }}
{{ optionalExtra.description }}

Our Unique Difference - Clarify Car Hire lets you compare prices with the cost of extras included
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There are no vehicles available that match your filter selection.

Unfortunately, we could not find any vehicles that match your search.

(guaranteed model) (or similar model) Delivery
{{ vehicle.category}}, Gearbox{{ vehicle.getTransmission()}}
Doors {{ vehicle.minimumDoors}}/{{ vehicle.maximumDoors}} Seats {{ vehicle.seats}} + {{ vehicle.smallSeats}} A/C {{ vehicle.getAirConditioning()}}
- {{ }}
- {{ }}
Headline Price
(what's included?)
{{ priceFormatter.displayPrice(vehicle.cheapestResult.costs.display.headlinePrice, viewManager.selectionRequest.currencyCode)}}
Drive Away Price
(what's included?)
{{ priceFormatter.displayPrice(vehicle.cheapestResult.costs.display.driveAwayPrice, viewManager.selectionRequest.currencyCode)}}
Pay Today {{ vehicle.cheapestResult.getFormattedPayToday(priceFormatter, viewManager.selectionRequest.currencyCode)}}
Pay on Arrival {{ priceFormatter.displayPrice(vehicle.cheapestResult.costs.deskAmount, vehicle.cheapestResult.currencyCode)}}
({{ priceFormatter.displayPrice(vehicle.cheapestResult.costs.display.deskAmount, viewManager.selectionRequest.currencyCode)}})
Pickup: {{ | lowercase }}
Dropoff: {{ | lowercase }}

Contact Us

We love to help customers in their search for car hire and, whilst our online services are there 24/7 enabling you to research and book whenever you want to, there are always times when it's good to talk.

So we are here to help - from our Wokingham based offices in Berkshire we offer a team of highly trained specialists who are ready to discuss your trip with you and help you decide the best car hire package for your break.

You can call us on:

0330 222 0369


(+44) 1184 671530

Our opening hours are normally:

  • - Mon - Thu: 09:30 - 18:30
  • - Fri: 09:30 - 17:30
  • - Sat: 10:00 - 16:00

We are closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

If you have booked with us and have an urgent issue please call using the phone number on your voucher, where we offer out of hours support.

Our online chat facility is available weekdays from 9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. - click the tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Outside those hours you can use the service to send us a message.

Or you can email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.